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  Free Delivery On Orders Over £300 (excl headrails) 35 Years Experience In The Industry Sales Support Call Now 0151 345 0699 Free Delivery On Orders Over £300 (excl headrails) 

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Commercial Washrooms

Appearances matter, especially in the world of business – so make sure you’re creating the right impression with commercial toilets from M&P Fittings.

Whatever your budget, and whatever size and scale of toilets you require, our team of commercial cubicle experts are here to help.

Shop the range now or get in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Why do commercial toilet cubicles matter?

Staff, customers, business associates – toilets are used by everyone, making them an essential part of your organisation.

Not only can they affect staff morale and health (providing clean and safe toilets is important for staff wellbeing) but if your commercial washrooms look like you don’t care, people are sure to question what else isn’t up to scratch.

With bespoke commercial toilet cubicles from M&P Fittings, you can create facilities that really work for your company.

Keen to keep things traditional? No problem. Want a more modern aesthetic? We can do that. Or how about using company colours and branding in your commercial loos? With a fantastic choice of colours and finishes available, all manufactured from high quality materials, whatever your business requirements for commercial toilets – we can help.

All too often we see businesses either not paying enough attention to their toilets or concentrating too much on matters such as toilet seats – should it be a standard or soft close seat?

Close coupled toilet or wall hung and whether or not there should be a low level toilet available are other matters that often vie for attention. Important decisions, yes, but it’s essential not to overlook the surroundings in a bid to get the toilet itself right. Well-designed, commercial toilet cubicles should work for everyone, providing comfortable, accessible toilets for disabled users and those with – and without – mobility issues.

Whatever it is you need, we can help. So if you require cubicles to accommodate a concealed cistern, a wall hung toilet or grab rails, if you’re looking for quality locks and hinges, or if you have a certain colour scheme in mind for panels, get in touch. We’re confident we can help.

Everything you need for commercial toilet cubicles

We’ve got cubicles suitable for businesses of all shapes and sizes. With matching vanity units available and a range of durable hardware to complete the look.

You’ll find easy-to-use locks and handles, coat hooks and door stops, not to mention clear signage to ensure staff and visitors can easily locate facilities.

And thanks to our disabled range and baby-changing options, you can be confident of sourcing everything you need to create fully inclusive toilets for your business.

Whether you choose from our economical budget range or prefer the styles offered from our premier line – all our toilet cubicles offer unrivalled durability and value.

Talk to the team

View the complete ranges now or for more help and guidance on getting your commercial toilet cubicles right, talk to the team.

Email in with details of your preferred panel choice and colour, the number of cubicles you’d like to incorporate and any other information you think may be helpful (a copy of drawings can be helpful), we’ll then get back to you with any suggestions and a personalised quote.

With a huge variety of panel finishes to choose from and plenty of cubicles in stock and ready for fast delivery, you could be enjoying the benefits of more impressive and user-friendly commercial toilets sooner than you think.


A sample of hardware available with these cubicles. Please contact for more.

Colour Charts

F76044 (F7709)
Bellato Grey
U17005 (U1669)
Carmine Red
U19508 (U1816)
Crystal Blue
U18059 (U00059)
Gentian Blue
U12248 (U00248)
R20039 (R4285)
Grey Sonoma Oak
U11027 (U1027)
Icy White
Inox Grey
U19005 (U1839)
U18008 (U1737)
Kito Bronze
Kito Steel
U19008 (U1842)
U12188 (U1188)
Light Grey
U12204 (SR204)
U16020 ( U1313)
Medium Beige
U12233 (U1233)
Metallic Black
Mitu Grey
R20038 (R4284)
Natural Chalet Oak
R50004 (R5613)
Natural Sangha Wenge
U16010 (U1667)
U17141 (U00141)
U18079 (U00079)
R55004 (R4531)
Ponderosa Pine
Portland Ash Black
U18001 (U1715)
Powder Blue
Okapi Walnut
Mountain Ash
U17500 (U00056)
Royal Blue
U11209 (SR209)
Royal White
Silver Oak
U18068 (U00068)
Sky Blue
U12231 (U231)
Slate Grey
F76006 (F7478)
Tempered Steel
F73050 (F8711)
Texwood Black
F73048 (F8703)
Texwood Grey
U12000 (U1200)
Volcanic Black
U18002 (U1717)
Water Blue
U15194 (U194)
Zinc Yellow

More Colour Options

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