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  Free Delivery On Orders Over £200 (excl headrails) 35 Years Experience In The Industry Sales Support Call Now 0151 345 0699 Free Delivery On Orders Over £200 (excl headrails) 

5 cubicle fittings no toilet should be without

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5 cubicle fittings no toilet should be without

The general public, staff, customers, whoever frequents your lavatories – and whatever the setting – there’s certain cubicle hardware no toilet should be without.

Want to know what those key fixtures and fittings are? Here the experts at M&P Cubical and Hardware Supplies share the secret.

5 essential toilet cubicle fittings

1.    Easy to use locks

Everyone wants to protect their privacy whilst using the loo, which is why locks should be a standard cubicle fitting. Trouble is, they’re also invariable one of the first parts to fail.

We’ve all been there – desperately trying to use the loo whilst pinning the door shut. Scared to twist the lock in case it doesn’t twist back. Politely queuing in front of empty toilets that read as ‘engaged’. So the convenience and comfort a reliable lock can offer shouldn’t be underestimated.  

If you don’t have locks fitted, or they’ve seen better days, replacements should be top of your list. One of our favourites is the Burstcatch. This innovative lock is specially designed to release when excessive force is applied. Offering privacy and security, combined with the ability to gain access when required without causing damage, makes them an ideal choice for cubicles in schools, hospitals, care homes – even in bars and nightclubs.   

2.    Coat hooks

Too much to hold? Got no hands free? Give bags and bulky coats a place to hang without users having to resort to laying items on the floor, with a handy coat hook. Place on the back of cubicle doors for a feature users will really thank you for.

Handy hint – don’t position hooks too high. Not only does this make it difficult for some users to reach but keeping hooks more in line with vision will help to ensure items don’t get left behind.

3.    Doorstops

We’ve all seen the damage inflicted by a door being left to swing repeatedly into the adjoining wall. Chipped paintwork, dents in the panel of the neighbouring cubicle, scuffed or broken door handles – and they’re just the visible signs. Continued banging can put strain on hinges and the entire cubicle structure. Over time this pressure can result in untold – and unnecessary – damage and will invariably lead to the need for early replacements.

Something as simple as a doorstop can prevent all this. Fit to the wall, skirting or cubicle door itself to cushion the impact of an opening door and bring swings to a controlled stop.

4.    Sturdy hinges

Fundamental to any door, hinges are more than worthy of your consideration.

Heavy-duty, sprung, unsprung, there are numerous options to choose from. Public toilet cubicles in particular tend to endure heavy use with repeated opening and closing. To ensure doors swing easily to and fro, without unwanted squeaks or sticking, it’s worth investing in quality door hinges.

5.    Toilet roll holders

The bugbear of any toilet – running out of paper. Or worse still, rolls hanging around on the back of the toilet and invariably ending up strewn across the floor.

Make sure your toilets stay tidy and well-stocked by fitting toilet roll dispensers in every cubicle to keep supplies in place.

Get through a lot of paper? Try a jumbo toilet roll holder or how about fitting two holders to make sure supplies don’t run out

Shop toilet cubicle hardware today

Missing a few features from the ‘essentials’ list? Allow us to help.

As trusted suppliers of quality toilet cubicles and cubicle fittings, at M&P Cubicle and Hardware supplies we have everything you need to guarantee your loos are in tip-top shape.

From doorstops to door signs, hooks to hinges, you’ll find it all and more shopping with us. Browse the range now and shop online or for more information and advice regarding toilet cubicle hardware please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  You can call us on 0151 345 0699 or fill in our contact form and we’ll be back in touch.

Don’t forget, we offer fast and free delivery on all orders over £200 (excluding headrails).

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