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Does the colour of children’s toilet cubicles really matter?

Read moreDoes the colour of children’s toilet cubicles really matter?

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Does the colour of children’s toilet cubicles really matter?

There’s a reason TVs have progressed from being black and white. Because everything looks better in colour – including washrooms!

Okay, so monochrome can be a classic, but on the whole, a little colour goes a long way – and never more so than with children.

Universally recognised as impacting learning, communication, and emotions, injecting colour into children’s surroundings is essential.

With research highlighting that 17% of children experience a persistent fear of using the toilet – and a YouGov poll uncovering that over one in five (22%) of  children surveyed have avoided drinking during school to dodge a trip to the bathroom – making toilets a more welcoming and colourful space seems like a sensible place to start.

Why is colour important for children’s toilet cubicles?

The use of colour is centrally linked to children’s development, with a direct correlation between colours, emotions, and behaviours. 

Whilst toilets aren’t a place kids are likely to linger for long, it’s important to recognise the impact their surroundings can have in promoting a positive mental mindset. Whether it’s to calm and reassure, inspire them ready for learning, or just add a little joy to their day, the influence of colour shouldn’t be ignored.

How different colours can influence mood

There’s a distinct split between emotional responses to bright and dark colours, with studies evidencing that children respond positively to bright colours like pink, blue, and red and express a dislike for darker shades such as brown, black, and grey.

However, if you think bright colours are just for kids, think again!

The same study found that children’s emotional responses to bright colours actually became increasingly positive with age – so it seems we can all benefit from a little more colour in our lives.

Wondering which colour is best? Let’s take a look at some popular choices for children’s toilet cubicles and their effects:


Often a favourite to represent school colours, red is a strong, dominating colour. Whilst it has many positive connotations, it can sometimes evoke feelings of anger and tension, so is best used in moderation. For example, if used for preschool toilet partitions, pair with more moderate shades such as blues and yellows to help dilute the impact.


Expressing sunshine and joy, this is the happiest of colours for children, promoting mental well-being.  As a colour linked with concentration, it’s a great choice for a school environment.


Cool but calming. Whilst blue is a vibrant shade, it has a tranquil and soothing effect, helping to instil peace and serenity.


Similar to blue, green has healing and therapeutic properties. It even claims to improve calmness and increase concentration.


Softer than red, orange depicts joy and excitement. It can also help to combat tiredness and stress.  


Traditionally overused within children’s toilet cubicles to set a stereotypical gender divide, pink can be viewed negatively. However, used appropriately, it’s a great choice – promoting a positive, energetic, and optimistic vibe. 


Linked to creativity, purple is an inspirational colour that can help spark the imagination. It’s also known for its soothing effect, helping to promote a sense of calm.

The future’s bright

So, if you’re questioning whether the colour of cubicles and walls is really worth deliberation, then the answer is: yes, absolutely!

There’s no reason children’s toilets – or adults’ toilets, for that matter – can’t be bright, fun, and inspirational spaces.

Here at M&P Fittings, we have a rainbow of choice. Preschool toilet partitions, single or mixed-gender cubicles, toilets for TikToking teens – we can help with it all, thanks to our extensive range of colourful cubicles, IPS panels, and vanity units, alongside hard-wearing hardware.

Combining great looks with maximum functionality and durability, all of our fixtures and fittings are designed to endure the rigours of school life and heavy-handed children.

Why not find out more about children’s toilet cubicles now? Or if you’d like to speak to the team directly, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’d love to help brighten your day!

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