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  Free Delivery On Orders Over £200 (excl headrails) 35 Years Experience In The Industry Sales Support Call Now 0151 345 0699 Free Delivery On Orders Over £200 (excl headrails) 

Commercial bathrooms – why every business needs them!

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Commercial bathrooms – why every business needs them!

Bathroom habits. Not a favourite topic of conversation, but it is an important one.

The average person will visit the toilet between 6 and 7 times a day, sometimes more, meaning the need to use the loo while out and about is often essential.

So, whether you’re a restaurant chain, small local bakery, retailer, or large gym franchise, it doesn’t matter – the facts remain the same. If you want to stand out against the competition, the subject of toilets can’t be ignored.

Not convinced it’s something your business really needs to worry about? Here the experts at M&P Fittings reveal why offering quality commercial bathroom toilets is a must across all sectors.  

Do I have to provide toilets to customers?

Let’s start with the basics – do you have to offer toilet facilities to clients and customers?

The simple answer is no. Unless you provide food and drink for consumption on the premises, you are not legally obliged to provide a toilet.

So that leaves a whole group of commercial premises that don’t strictly need to do anything. It’s about more than just legalities though – it’s about comfort, convenience, and reputation too.

If you’re trying to seal a deal or hoping a few more items will go through the checkout, then offering toilets on site can be a real boon for business. Keeping shoppers and clients on the premises, showcasing your commitment to customer service, and putting your business ahead of the competition.   

Worried about space?

Perhaps you’ve thought about investing in commercial toilets before but worry about where they’ll go and how much space they’ll take up. There’s no need to be concerned.

The market is inundated with clever systems, designed to streamline space and make maintenance easy. Take commercial wall-hung toilets, for example – these compact designs are great space-savers. With the bowl mounted on the wall rather than the floor, and the cistern hidden away within the wall, they help to maximise space – and making cleaning a breeze!


Benefits of commercial toilets

Space is just one of the many advantages of investing in toilets specifically designed with commercial use in mind.

Other potential business gains include:

·         Saving energy

Commercial toilets are built to withstand more intense use and offer greater energy efficiency than a typical domestic toilet, with smart flushing to reduce the amount of water and energy used.

·         Style

Reinventing your toilets as a more attractive area by using modern space-saving commercial wall-hung toilets, is just one of the ways you can inject style and stamp your company’s mark on a bathroom. Other ways include using corporate colours in your cubicle design or vanity units, and using the back of the cubicle door to highlight marketing messages or advertise sale promotions.

·         Durability

Perhaps your toilets previously only served a small team of staff, but now you’ve opened them up for everyone to use. If so, it won’t take long for signs of wear and tear to start to show.

Replacing standard toilets for more durable commercial toilets is a great idea. Specifically designed for more sustained and heavy use, commercial wall-hung toilets will endure the rigours and are far easier to clean and maintain – saving you time and money.

·         Accessibility

If your aim is to enhance the profile of your business and improve your reputation, then you need to be inclusive – and that means ensuring your toilets are accessible and easy to use for everyone. Grabrails, disabled locks, and baby change units should all be considered.   

Order your commercial toilet supplies today

As suppliers of commercial toilet cubicles and hardware, M&P Fittings know only too well the importance of providing attractive and usable toilet space, and the impact this can have on a company’s reputation.

We stock a wide range of cubicle solutions, offering endless choice in terms of colour and finish. With something for all budgets – from a sturdy traditional cubicle range right through to a premier collection. You’ll also find everything else you need, from handy signage, baby change units, locks, doors stops, and more. Shop the range online now, or to discuss your requirement for commercial bathroom toilets in more detail, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team.

You can call us on 0151 345 0699, email or fill in our online form and we’ll get straight back to you. 

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