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  Free Delivery On Orders Over £300 (excl headrails) 35 Years Experience In The Industry Sales Support Call Now 0151 345 0699 Free Delivery On Orders Over £300 (excl headrails) 

How to boost business post lockdown – with your toilets!

Read moreHow to boost business post lockdown – with your toilets!

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How to boost business post lockdown – with your toilets!

Let’s face it, businesses have suffered enough over the past 12 months. And the last thing you need, just as things are slowly starting to re-open, are your toilets holding you back!

Sound a bit extreme? Let us assure you, it’s not!

Whilst people are desperate to get back to some sense of normality – going to work in the office, shopping trips, meals out etc – they are also extremely, and understandably, cautious. Public toilets don’t have a great reputation at the best of times and, in the aftermath of a worldwide pandemic, it’s reasonable to expect them to be viewed with even more scepticism.

Anything you can do to offer reassurance and allay concerns, will help to give your business the edge – encouraging the team back into the office and customers through the door. Read on to find out more…

Government advice on re-opening public toilets

As venues ready themselves to re-open in line with the official ‘roadmap’, the government has made it clear that, whilst toilet facilities should be made available, it is essential for them to be carefully managed to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission.

But how?

Simple steps to create a safe environment:

– Use signs and posters as reminders to wash hands thoroughly and to increase awareness of correct handwashing techniques.

– Do your toilets get busy? If there’s often a queue, how about considering social distancing markers to help keep people properly spaced and safe. It might also be worth thinking about whether you could adopt a one-way system to avoid unnecessary contact.

– Aid social distancing by sectioning off alternate cubicles and sinks. You can do this with signage or by simply taping the area off.

– It’s essential to make sure people have access to warm running water, plenty of soap and that there are paper towels or hand dryers readily available. If you know your toilets are well used, increase the frequency of checks to ensure provisions haven’t run out. Or, if that’s not practical, put more generous quantities out.

– Up your cleaning rota and make it visible, so people can see when the toilets were last checked. When cleaning, pay particular attention to areas that are frequently touched – handles, locks, taps etc.  

– Replace any damaged or rusting hardware. This will promote the impression (and the reality!) of a cleaner, safer environment and make it much easier to maintain. Fitting vanity units is another great way of reducing cleaning time –  hiding ugly pipework whilst minimising the awkward nooks and crannies where bacteria and germs can hide.

– If possible, keep a window open to help maintain ventilation.

Additional touches

To really enhance the feeling of safety, there are a few further measures you can take that will really help to set your business apart. These include:

  • Hand sanitiser – putting sanitiser at the entrance of your toilets so that hands are cleansed before entering, is a great idea, and can really boost peoples’ confidence in using your facilities. It’s also worth adding a few bottles inside the toilets too as an additional measure after handwashing.
  • Masks – we’re all guilty of forgetting our mask. A small stock of disposable masks freely available at the entrance to your toilets will make your business stand out for all the right reasons.
  • Perspex screens – these can be a great way of separating sinks without having to decrease your capacity and run the risk of queues forming. Perspex screens can also be used to create subtle protection barriers – perhaps at the approach and exit of your toilets, creating a one-way system.

Talk to the experts

Whether it’s replacing old hardware, a cubicle refurb or adding more toilets to assist with social distancing, spending time and money on your toilets is always a positive business investment.

Here at M&P Cubicle and Hardware Supplies, we are importers and suppliers of quality toilet fittings and toilet cubicles. There are no minimum orders on any of our products so whether you’re looking to replace one rusty hinge or one hundred, we can help. And, in our bid to provide exceptional customer service and everything you need to safely get back to business, we are also currently offering social distancing screens too.

Take a look at our collection of hardware, cubicles and perspex screens online now. Alternatively, for more advice or information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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