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How to encourage better hygiene in the office

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How to encourage better hygiene in the office

Hand washing has always been crucial to prevent the spread of infection and avoid illness. In a post-pandemic world, the focus on bathroom hygiene has dramatically intensified – but has it improved?

Research conducted via OnePoll, has found that the average adult is estimated to wash and sanitise their hands eight times a day, that’s up from just 5 times before the outbreak. Shockingly though, more than one in 10 people admit to not cleaning their hands after using the toilet – even when they’ve used public toilets!

And with 45% of people surveyed revealing that their decision to return to the office and visit shops and restaurants, is affected by the need to use the toilet away from home and the risk of potential germs, it’s worrying to see that not everyone is taking responsibility.

Habits are changing, yes, but there is still much need for improvement. So what can you do to promote better hygiene at work? How can you rebuild confidence and encourage staff – and customers – back through the door?

M&P Cubicle and Hardware Supplies take a closer look…


Hygiene tips for the office

#1 Provide instructions

It’s fine a line when it comes to educating adults about proper handwashing. Not everyone will take kindly to suggestions they’re not doing it correctly.

To help encourage better practise, it’s a good idea to put up informative posters near sinks or on the back of toilet doors, so staff can read them while using the bathroom and check they’re doing a proper job.

#2 Use reminders

During a busy workday, basic hand hygiene can easily slip your mind.  To combat this, put up useful reminders about the importance of regular hand washing in key locations – the entrance to the staff room, the door of the communal fridge etc, and keep attention focused.  

#3 Make it easy

Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite to eat between meetings, or battling to meet deadlines, staying clean and safe still needs to remain a priority – but it also needs to be quick and easy.

Rusty taps that are hard to turn on, offer a frustratingly slow trickle of hot water (or worse still no hot water!), and regularly running out of soap or paper towels, all discourage proper hand hygiene.

If you’re keen to promote higher standards, then it’s essential to lead by example. That means providing access to clean, well-stocked toilets with easy-to-use taps and soap dispensers.

#4 Discourage mobile phones

Mobile phones are notorious for harbouring germs. Try to discourage staff from slipping their phone into their pockets for a sneaky check while using the loo. Not only is this extremely unhygienic, but if you’re clutching a phone, hands are less likely to be washed properly – if at all!

Posters highlighting the grim facts about what can be lurking on the surface of a phone can help to discourage their use.

#5 Invest in quality toilets

Be honest, how nice are your toilets? Making the bathroom a pleasant environment – with attractive cubicles, and quality fixtures and fittings – can greatly increase hygiene standards, with staff in less of a hurry to get out of there as quickly as possible and far more likely to make a thorough job of washing their hands.

#6 Provide hand sanitiser

Hand sanitiser has become part of everyday life. Ensure you provide bottles at key locations – at the entrance to the office, toilets, on individual desks and in key locations around the building. Not only will this reduce the spread of infection, but it will help to boost confidence among staff that everyone is doing their bit to protect each other.

#7 Provide wipes for keyboards and desk areas

Much like mobile phones, our computer keyboard and mouse can conceal all manner of germs and bacteria. Stock up on antibacterial wipes and provide users with the means to wipe down the keys and surrounding desk area before and after use.

#8 Increase access

Has your team grown? Is there always a queue for the toilets? Pressure to be in and out quickly will have a detrimental effect on hygiene levels, meaning it might be time you considered increasing the facilities you have on offer. Be that by adding additional toilet cubicles, or if space is an issue, even just adding additional sink access.


Talk to the experts

Have your toilets seen better days? Could a few small improvements make a big difference to staff? At M&P Fittings, not only do we supply quality cubicles, we also offer a great range of toilet cubicle hardware that can quickly and easily transform the look and feel of your bathroom, positively promoting hygiene and providing a much needed boost to confidence levels.

Why not take a look at what we have on offer today? Or to talk to a member of the team call 0151 345 0699.

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