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  Free Delivery On Orders Over £300 (excl headrails) 35 Years Experience In The Industry Sales Support Call Now 0151 345 0699 Free Delivery On Orders Over £300 (excl headrails) 

School toilets – how to get top marks for your facilities!

Read moreSchool toilets – how to get top marks for your facilities!

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School toilets – how to get top marks for your facilities!

As September approaches, schools are readying themselves to open back up after long months of lockdown and limited pupil numbers. Everyone is back, but there is still the need to ensure social distancing and strict hygiene measures. But how?

Here at M&P Fittings, we recognise that the challenge of providing clean and well-maintained toilets is perhaps at its most difficult within a demanding school environment, but we can help. And, with just a few easy steps, you can transform your school toilet facilities, and protect the health of students, ready for the new academic year.

Why is it so important?

Given the current Covid-19 situation, the need for hygienic toilet facilities is more essential than ever. But quality school bathrooms should always be a high priority as poor provisions can be extremely detrimental to children’s physical and mental health, aggravating issues such as:

  • Constipation and wetting – if children have limited access to, or try to avoid, school toilets these common problems for younger children can easily escalate.
  • Concentration and academic performance – drinking enough fluid throughout the school day is essential for concentration and optimum performance. All too often though, pupils restrict the amount of water they consume just to avoid taking a trip to the toilet.   
  • Anxiety – stress about cleanliness and lack of privacy (particularly for teenage students) can dramatically increase anxiety levels.

Poor toilet facilities can also lead to:

  • Germ spreading – if fixtures and fittings are old, rusting, or damaged, they can easily harbour germs and bacteria. Not to mention the fact that, if taps don’t work properly, or are very stiff, the chances are hands won’t be washed thoroughly in the rush to get back out into the playground!  
  • Increased time out of the classroom – schools are being advised to minimise the number of pupils using toilets at any one time, and where possible to employ a one-in-one-out rule or to close off every other cubicle and handbasin. If you already have toilets that are out-of-order, or broken sinks, this will further reduce your already limited capacity, increasing the amount of time students spend out of the classroom queuing.

What can you do?

There’s no excuse for school toilets not to make the grade and just a few small changes can make a big difference to achieving a safe, clean and low maintenance environment.

  • Replace damaged fixtures and fittings – stainless steel fittings have a smooth, pore-free surface. Not only does this make it difficult for dirt and germs to hide, it also makes wiping down and cleaning much easier.
  • Invest in Burstcatch – super easy to install and particularly safe for children thanks to its emergency access that won’t damage doors. Burstcatch is a popular option for high school toilets where teenage angst can result in plentiful door slamming as these clever locks will release when excessive force is applied – meaning no more broken locks and hinges.
  • Use proper signage – perhaps you’ve had to swap toilets about to aid new systems put in place to minimise the spread of coronavirus, and the girls are now the boys or vice versa. This can easily cause confusion, and temporary paper signage not only easily falls down but can also prove a temptation for mischievous pupils – so investing in proper signs is essential!
  • Brighten things up – returning to school is going to feel very different for children and is likely to be a little daunting – especially for those of primary school age. Keep things bright and cheerful by upgrade your toilet cubicle hardware with colourful fittings.
  • Install vanity units – hide pipework and remove the threat of awkward nooks and crannies harbouring germs by installing simple vanity units and creating a space that is easy to wipe down and maintain.
  • Increase your cleaning rota – to really be on top of the standard of your toilets you need to make sure that they are regularly checked and increase your normal cleaning routine. With a more frequent programme in place – including checks after peak times such as breaks and lunch periods – you can relax knowing that your school toilets are fully stocked with antibacterial soap and paper towels and that they offer a clean and safe environment for students and staff alike.

Need to move quickly as term time approaches? Not a problem. We dispatch the vast majority of orders by next day courier. Take a look at the range of toilet cubicle hardware we have on offer or get in touch using our online contact form or by calling 0151 345 0699.

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