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Why every business should offer baby changing facilities

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Why every business should offer baby changing facilities

There are over 600,000 births a year in England and Wales.

That’s a lot of babies.

And where there’s a baby, there’s usually a parent or carer. Attract them and that’s potentially a big boost to your client base.

Yet despite the fact no business wants to turn away customers, many are guilty of neglecting or – worse still – not even offering, baby changing facilities.

Here M&P Fittings take a closer look at why providing baby change should be a priority for all businesses.

Why provide baby change facilities?

Not only is offering baby change the right thing to do, it’s also a smart business decision.

No matter how infrequently used, it prevents you from turning away custom and demonstrates your inclusive attitude and social responsibility.

If you need more of a reason than it simply being the right thing to do, then how about the fact you can dramatically increase your customer base?

We all like an easy option, so by catering for all customers and offering easy access to changing, you’ll naturally put yourself head and shoulders above the competition – and it’s no secret where the business will go.

One of the most crucial marketing tools for a business? Word of mouth. Reputation can make or break you and if you offer a great set-up for anyone with a child in tow, you’re sure to get a glowing recommendation, raising your company’s profile and ultimately generating more business.

So if you can accommodate baby changing facilities, it’s highly recommended to do so.


Are baby changing facilities a legal obligation?

Unfortunately, no, but many believe they should be.

According to current UK law, there is no legal obligation to provide baby changing.

What is your responsibility though is the health and safety of clientele. Not offering adequate facilities, could lead to precarious changing situations, with parents being forced to make use of whatever space is available – making the risk of accidents whilst on your premises, far more likely.

Where’s the best place to put baby change facilities?

One of the biggest reasons businesses tend to avoid fitting baby change units is the mistaken believe there’s not enough room. But that’s where you’re wrong.

There are multiple options. You can fit a changing unit inside an existing toilet, within the main handwashing area, or a popular option is to install a table within the disabled bathroom.

In fact, there’s no rule to say you have to fit baby change in the toilets. If you’ve got unused space elsewhere, then why not put it to good use? It could be the perfect spot to locate your changing area.

All that really matters is that parents have enough room to access the table properly and ideally have somewhere to place bags and tuck the pram. In reality, all you need is enough wall space to hang the table.

Just don’t forget that if you have male and female toilets you either need to fit a table in both or opt for a unisex location. It’s no good making life easier for mum but neglecting dad!

Are there different types of baby changing units?

Yes. In truth they all offer much the same and work in similar ways, although some are fixed units and don’t offer the flexibility of being able to stow the table away when it’s not in use.

Two of the most popular designs include vertical and horizontal wall-mounted baby changing tables. These neat designs can tuck into even the tightest of spaces and unfold on either side axis depending on the location and amount of wall space you have available. When not in use, the tables can be neatly folded up, so as not to impose on the surrounding area.

Most tables are fitted with an adjustable safety belt, to prevent infants from rolling and are suitable for children up to 3 years.


Order your baby change table today

Think your baby change has seen better days, or realised you’re missing a trick by not offering any? Then why not get in touch with the team here at M&P Fittings?

Not only do we supply competitively priced baby changing tables, but our experienced team are always on hand and ready to offer help and guidance on the best option to suit your needs and intended location.

Get in touch today by calling the team on 0151 345 0699, email us at or fill in our online form and we’ll be back in touch soon.

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