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  Free Delivery On Orders Over £200 (excl headrails) 35 Years Experience In The Industry Sales Support Call Now 0151 345 0699 Free Delivery On Orders Over £200 (excl headrails) 

Why invest in vanity units?

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Why invest in vanity units?

Is it time to makeover your toilets?

Whether it’s a few budget improvements, a full-scale revamp or a brand-new investment, when it comes to upgrading bathrooms, vanity units should be top of the list.

Here specialists in toilets cubicles and hardware supplies, M&P Fittings, reveal the true beauty of vanity units – and why no bathroom should be without!

What is a vanity unit?

A great addition to any bathroom, a vanity unit is the name given to thecupboardthat sits below asink. And whilst they can simply be a boxing in unit, they usually have a dual function. Combining a crafty way of housing the sink base (and any unsightly pipework) with creating handy storage space.

Ideal for one sink or to run the length of a wall and encase numerous basins, vanity units can be custom built to accommodate any size or shape of bathroom. Offering functionality and great design, in one clever unit.

Benefits of a vanity unit

There are numerous advantages to fitting vanity units, including:

·         Improved aesthetics

The most obvious reason to plump for vanity units? Because they look good. Providing a quick and easy way to hide ugly pipework and streamline bathroom designs.

With an extensive range of finishes and colours to choose from, units can be created from scratch or built to match-in with existing fixtures and fitting. Giving you the freedom and flexibility to modernise your bathroom space exactly as you wish.

·         Reduced cleaning time

Pipework doesn’t just look unattractive, it can easily become a breeding ground for germs too. Awkward nooks and crannies harbour dirt and bacteria – making keeping the area clean, a difficult and time-consuming task.

Encase pipes in a vanity unit and not only is their exposure to dirt and grime minimised, but unnecessary contact is also avoided.

·         Increased storage

Let’s face it, you can never have too much storage. And what could be more convenient that an under-sink cupboard. Whether it’s for additional bathroom supplies, towels or cleaning products, this otherwise unusable space can be transformed into practical storage with a vanity unit.

Worried about security? If you’re concerned about toilet rolls disappearing too quickly or the safety of leaving cleaning items unsupervised, don’t forget that you can always fit a lock.

·         Anti-vandal  

Pipework frequently damaged? Sinks pulled away from the wall? Vanity units can be used as a way of protecting your basins and the important plumping that surrounds them.

·         Cost-effective

Reduce maintenance and damage repairs, spend less time cleaning – there are numerous benefits to be reaped by installing a vanity unit, saving you both time and money.  

·         Maximised floor space

No room to move? Whilst there’s no denying they can be extremely useful, a standard bathroom cupboard takes up valuable space. Even wall units can make a compact area feel too enclosed.

Not so with vanity units, which are a great way to increase storage without encroaching on any more floor space. 

Is there much choice when it comes to vanity units?

Yes! From the material used to the colour, size and shape, you’ll be spoilt for choice picking out a vanity unit.

And style and shades aren’t the only decisions. Other elements to consider include, whether you want your vanity units to be wall mounted, mirrors built into the design, or units made to match your cubicles and IPS panels.

Need a hand?

Keen to invest in vanity units but not sure where to start? Allow us to help.

At M&P Fittings, we produce vanity units bespoke to customers’ individual requirements. With years of experience, we are more than happy to offer help and guidance to guarantee to you invest in fittings that not only look the part but meet all your bathroom needs too.

To talk in more detail with the team, call us on 0151 345 0699, email or fill in our contact form and we’ll be back in touch soon. You can also visit our vanity units page to view colour charts, or take a look at our impressive case studies to see examples of what we could help you to achieve.

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